Frequently asked questions

At Aviator Relocator we’re your trusted co-pilot for a stress-free relocation experience!

We are an aviation family! With busy schedules, unique pay structures, and geographic limitations to consider, we know aviators and aviation families face unique challenges when it comes to relocating. We want to help! Internet searches can only outline the picture of your new city and neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a more immersive, stress-free experience buying or selling a home, and managing a move, while learning
about life in a new city.

Once you’ve taken the Aviator Relocator survey, we get to work matching you with a trusted real estate agent in the city you’re moving to/from. This person will serve as your sounding board and guide you through buying or selling a home. Whether you need help finding a moving company, learning about schools or property taxes in the area, or knowing where local families or singles hang out - They’re here to help! They are here to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. They have been pre-interviewed and vetted based on their professionalism and local area knowledge.

Most buyers will enjoy this service at no-cost. In some cases, depending on the region you’re moving to and its unique real estate practices, the local realtor association or brokerages who govern the home buying process may have different regulations. If this is the case you will be notified upon first contact with your Aviator Relocator. For our sellers, you will enjoy the standard and competitive cost to sell a home in the region where you live. We tack on NO additional fees for using this service. It’s our pleasure to help you and our payment is covered by our agreement with your local Aviator Relocator agent.

Aviator Relocator will make every effort to match clients looking for a rental for 1 year+ with a qualified local area expert. We are not currently able to assist clients seeking short-term rental solutions. 

Aviator Relocator has access to agents who are local area experts in most geographic locations around the globe. In the unique instance we have difficulty finding an agent who provides excellent service and meets our high standards, we will notify you and work with you to find a solution that is best for you.

Of course! It’s our pleasure to help anyone who would benefit from our guidance and services.

We only partner with helpful, knowledgeable and honest real estate agents. Each agent is given a pre-interview to understand their depth of knowledge about the area where they work, and their experience assisting clients at your price point and your unique needs. There are no newbies, only proven, full-time, licensed agents who will uphold the values of Aviator Relocator. We believe pairing you with an Aviator Relocator with hyper-local knowledge is one of the best ways we can help you as you learn a new community. If you’re moving to Dallas - Fort Worth, an agent in Dallas may not know the neighborhoods in Fort Worth. Our goal is to find someone who is hyper-local to the area you want to move or are moving from.

Of course! During your first meeting with your Aviator Relocator they can provide you with contact information for lenders who are knowledgeable about all of the various loan programs and help you find a loan that’s best for you for your home purchase. There is no pressure to use the lender(s) we recommend, lenders do not have a direct business relationship with Aviator Relocator.

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